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Welcome to Acrylux Paints. 

Acrylux Paint Manufacturing Company, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, produces quality, energy efficient waterproofing products - Acrylic Roof Paint, House Paint, Roof Tile Sealer, Waterproof Roof Coatings, Elastomeric Roof Paint, Paver Sealers, and green products. 100% acrylic based, our products assure superior adhesion and mildew resistance — tested and formulated for tropical South Florida climate, with rigid quality controls.
To provide premium quality energy efficient products at reasonable cost.


ACRYLUX Paint Manufacturing Co., Inc. president, William C. Riedesel, in 1959. Prior to that time, Riedesel was a roof painting contractor. He started this business in August 1956, one month after he arrived in South Florida, from Rochester, New York. At that time, almost all roofs were either not painted or painted with various combinations of cement and lime."This material doesn’t work very well." Says Riedesel, "because it has poor adhesion and very little resistance to mildew."

"In my search to find a better roof paint, one day I found an article in one of the paint journals concerning a test made by one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic resin on roofs in South Florida using a 100% acrylic paint."

The results shown were far superior to anything being used at the time. "Now that I had found the right paint for South Florida, I was still faced with another problem. The few major brands of acrylic paint on the market were priced so high that the paint cost alone to do a roof was above and beyond the price normally charged to paint and clean a roof. People were not willing to spend the money to have their roof done a more efficient and superior way."

"This began my search for a means of reducing the cost of labor and materials, so that I could give my customers a far superior job than anyone else. So with this in mind, I began investigating all the different avenues available to me concerning the use of acrylic paint. After searching through different sources, I found that I could keep the cost down by manufacturing my own acrylic paint."

"I started manufacturing paint in 1959 in a small rented area consisting of only 300 square feet behind a steel warehouse in Dania, Florida. At first, I made paint only for myself, but eventually painters found that I was not only making superior paint, but the results were excellent and they were interested in trying my paint. Not only could I save them money by offering the painter a reasonable price, but the paint quality was also high quality."

"After about three years, I needed more space, so I then rented a larger facility near the airport. Then again, in approximately four years, the business had grown to the extent that I had run out of room again. This time I bought a 5,000 square foot warehouse and lot located near Sears Town, just north of Sunrise Blvd. In 1981, I added 1,600 square feet to this location only to find that in one year we had already outgrown the new addition. At that time, I began to look for property to build a new modern paint facility."

"In 1982, I began my search for land that was suitable for manufacturing and has easy access to major highways. In February, 1983 I found the land that fitted all my needs currently, and also had room for more growth. The land was located near I-95 and Cypress Creek Rd. and situated on Powerline Rd. just east of Levitz furniture."

The property is approximately 1 ¾ acres with a plant of 12,000 square feet including offices and showroom. On April 9, 1984 we opened our doors of our new facility. "Acrylux Paint manufactures not only roof paint, but interior and exterior wall paints, both flat and semi-gloss; waterproof coatings for roof and walls; paver sealer; caulking; and driveway sealer. Also, in our showroom you will find all the necessary accessories for painting and waterproofing."

"My major goal as a paint manufacturer was to make sure the public received the proper materials at a reasonable cost using quality materials. Acrylic paints are very durable because they are properly formulated with rigid quality controls. We manufacture a top quality material for both the homeowner, the do it yourselfer, and also the contractor."

Our manufacturing plant